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That’s totally what I’ve become this year.

So here’s a recap of the last few weeks:

I went to Stitch n Pitch with the arm warmers and I finished one while bored one evening. It helped that the lap blanket was too gargantuan to feasibly travel with it. When my fingers turned black yet again I ¬†knit a swatch and washed it dilligently in hot, cold and lukewarm water. I was amazed when the little blighter hadn’t bled…at all. Not a single drop of color bled out of the yarn. What the hell?

Yarn is Desert Vista Visu in colorway “Dia Del Los Muertos” but I think it was supposed to be a test batch as the colors aren’t nearly as vibrant as the replacement skein Jenny got. I’m OK with it anyway.

In any case, I’m back to the beginning of the color repeat and am going to start the second tube eventually. And by eventually, I mean not for a while.

I went to a Brewer’s game with a ton of people from my gym and knit a sock from the nosebleed seats. I finished it right as Ryan Braun hit a homerun to help us win the game. It was pretty great.

Yarn is Happy Fuzzy Yarn Superwash Corriedale in colorway “Rain”

The Gemini pullover is done and has been worn once to work but it needs to be put away for a couple months until it’s cool enough to warrant wearing it. The wool and alpaca make it a really tough sell on super hot days.

“Gemini” Tank from Knitty Spring/Summer 2012. Knit in The Fiber Company Acadia in color “Blue Heron”

Finally, I have finished the blanket.

Tosh Chunky in colorway “Oak” and Mission Falls 1828 in Navy Blue.

Final dimensions of this beast is 50X60″ and it’s amazing. I’m almost tempted to keep it and knit something else for the babe, but I’m going to the shower soon and have other things to knit instead.

I’ve also made a vow to never knit with MadelineTosh yarns ever again. This blanket took forever to knit and was, predominantly, knit with yarn that had been made into sweaters, washed at least twice and never blocked properly. The color bled in the water every single time I washed it and it’s so infuriating that, after nearly 10 washes, the yarn is still losing color. A note is definitely going in the bag to put a color catcher in with this blanket whenever it gets washed and dried so the olive green color doesn’t stain everything. What a disappointment. I also have an issue with how it blocks. I gently stretched the blanket to stop it from rippling and to stop the edging from curling, but I don’t think there’s any merit in blocking Tosh yarns because they don’t block. Ever. They never keep their shape even if you let it dry in that shape for DAYS at a time. I believe my stash is Tosh free aside from a skein of sock yarn, but I will never buy Madelinetosh yarns ever again. It’s simply not worth the hassle.

Once the blanket was done, I dove into the stash and went searching for stuff to knit and came up with my large cone of Shelridge Yarns SoftTouch Heathers in colorway Sand. I then rediscovered the Line Break shawl from Veera Valimaki while at the store on Sunday and started knitting. 

I started this little guy on Monday night, got to the 90-ish stitch mark, realized my stitch markers had moved and had to start over. This is about how far I got after a couple innings of the Tuesday baseball game and now I’m about two rows away from finishing the whole damn thing. Each row takes about a half hour to knit and, while I had hopes to finish it last night, the eyelets are just not as big as I thought they’d be so I keep making the executive decision to do ‘one more row’ which ends up being a few more rows, blah blah blah. So I’ll probably never be done with this thing. No I’m kidding, it’s happening tonight.

I’m also working on a puerperium cardigan and a baby sophisticate cardigan for the same baby the blanket is for. I hope to have them done by the shower…we shall see!

So, despite the heat, I’ve gotten a ton done this month. Let’s hope the rest of the season goes that way too!



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Catching Up

Another month- not a whole lot of knitting to account for.

I’ve been working on some different things. Mostly for other people but I’m finally getting into the knitting for myself.

I’ve finally found the time to start working on a commission I got two weeks ago from one of the amazing ladies at the store. She’s working on a Latte baby jacket, but because of a shoulder injury, can’t knit with the large needles and yarn so she asked me to finish the button band for her. I agreed, and work and life have finally slowed down enough to allow me the time to do it.

I’ve started a Gemini pullover out of The Fiber Company Acadia. It’s a really sweet tank with lace on both shoulders and one side, so it can be worn with the lace to the front or the back. It’s knitting up so fast and I can’t wait to wear it. I got six skeins of the Acadia in the hopes to make a different sweater, but landed on this one, knowing I could make the body a little longer if I wanted to, or I can lengthen the sleeves a bit. We’ll see. So far it just looks like a large mass of teal yarn.

I took a skein of self-striping yarn to Stitch n Pitch this past week and started some fingerless mitts. I got the skein from Jenny after she discovered five knots in the fiber. She emailed the dyer who promptly told her to throw the skein away and wait for the next one to come in the mail. She offered it to me and I gladly took it! The only problem is the colors bleed quite a bit so I’m worried when the time comes to wash the mitts. They might bleed all over the place, but a color catcher should fix that right up. The yarn is Desert Vista in colorway Dia de los Muertos. Even though there’s pink, I don’t mind it. The colors are vibrant and exuberant and will brighten up my fall wardrobe nicely.

Oh and I got a bobble head. Isn’t he cute?!

Things are still plugging away on the lap blanket for a special someone. I won’t go into details since I’m not sure if she reads this blog. All I will say is the Tosh chunky is done and I’m onto the Mission Falls Merino which is accenting the tosh really well.

I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately and it’s included consolidating and organizing my stash. I’ve managed to make some good headway into my stashbusting endeavor, so my minor purchases of the Acadia and the Michigan yarns haven’t impacted my stash all that much. I came to realize that I haven’t purchased anything more than 20 skeins all year. It’s been 6 months and I’ve only purchased six skeins of Acadia, five of Shepherds wool and a couple skeins of Tosh sport and some Malabrigo Rios. I’ve been doing really well!

Once the lap blanket for someone is done, I’m planning on starting a stash-throw, which will include a lot of wools that I haven’t managed to find a home for but will be able to ferret away into a striped blanket for the back of my couch. This will take me a while, but I know I’m going to love it.

I also want to start an OWLS sweater out of my stashed Cascade Eco. I have two skeins of beautiful blue yarn that have been a blanket already but I tore it out in favor of something else. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the sweater will turn into.

Another thing? I’ve put blogging on my schedule. No more of this once a month crap.

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A Long Time Coming

OK. So I suck.

I didn’t post like I was going to a while back. And I didn’t post regularly.

Work has been crazy. When I’m not at my proposal writing gig, I’m selling the yarn. I can’t even say I’ve been knitting all that much.

I’ve been obsessed with the Thistle cap, though.

So let’s start from the beginning: when we last met I was working on, I’m sure, a blanket for Boyfriends’ college friends’ wedding which was yesterday. Hey look, we forgot. We didn’t get the official invite until Boyfriend went to the bachelor party and we both had to work. Whatevs. Because we never actually got a real invite to the wedding, I decided to give it to my boss, as her little one is due any time now.

This blanket was not without its issues. I cast on 600 stitches, for the first issue. But it trucked along pretty well until I got to work one day a few weeks ago and kept knitting on it. I was onto the first part of the red and I was holding two strands of Cascade 220 Superwash together. A customer came into the store, I picked up the pile of yarn on my lap and felt something weird with it. When I returned, I looked at this:

Yeah. That’s about 360 stitches OFF the needles. The cable literally BROKE at the join. I grabbed another needle in a smaller size and quickly ran them through the stitches and didn’t do anything with it out of pure anger until that night when I got home and traded out the cables. I emailed KnitPicks and they send me a new set right away, which was nice.

I kept merrily knitting along, being really careful so I wouldn’t break yet another pair of needles, and finally finished it.


I finished it while at work last weekend and immediately sent this to my boss.

She thought it was hilarious.

I put it in the washer on cold and in the dryer for a regular cycle and it only felted a little bit on the edged, but the center softened up like nobody’s business. I loved it. It’s also larger than it should be, but I expect the little girl to grow up into a sophisticated young lady with a gorgeous hand-knit blanket that her mother was presented only a month after meeting the knitter. I love stories like that.

I also included a puerperium cardigan to keep her warm this season.

It got rid of the pink. It was worth it to me.

She immediately held it up to her belly as if the babe could see it. I find baby knits so charming. And fast. I love it.

It was after this point that I wanted to knit for myself. So thus began the obsession with the Thistle Cap.

Business in the front
Party in the back!

I didn’t have anything to knit while at work so I picked up a couple skeins of Quince & Co. in Lupine and Frost. The Frost is so pure white/grey/blue that I can’t get enough of it. I had hope that I’d be able to finish this one in one skein, but I ran out just as I was starting the crown, so I picked up the Frost so I could do a snowy cap. It went in the pile of hats to go to soldiers this season. Did I mention I made this in a day?

Next, I picked up my Plucky Knitter in Flying Atlas and wound it the next day at work.

Blue really shows off the cables!

This one took a while longer to finish because I was busy and not terribly dedicated to it, but this pattern is so simple that it’s easy to put it down for a week and pick up and know exactly where you are.

So. Coming up.

Tonight I cast on a cowl for the CrossFit Games Knit/Crochet-along. A bunch of us CrossFitting Knitters decided it would be cool to knit during the 6 days of the CrossFit Games this year. We’re all doing small projects that will be done in 6 days. I’ve picked up skein of Malabrigo Rios to mix with the Wintry Mix Plucky Knitter that was going into the overbust corset shrug but I hated so I ripped and now it will go around my neck.

So Monday morning while my car gets fixed, I’m casting on 200 stitches and knitting at random when I want to change colors. Wednesday we fly to California. Thursday we’ll probably go see the Masters division finals. Then Friday we’ll be at the StubHub center with 25,000 other CrossFitters to watch the 90 fittest men, women and teams compete in the toughest CrossFit competition in the world. Have you guessed that I’m a little excited?

Until then, I’m working on a purple Tam out of Rios. I’m in love.

Hope your weekends were all wonderful. I’m off to my apartment to ice my sore back from picking up countless boxes. Then I get to go unload them in the new apartment.