Knitables · Stashbust 2014

Start and Finish

Here’s where we start a lot of things on top of finishing a lot of things.

Started thing 1: A pair of boot socks for Boyfriend. 

Shepherd’s Wool in Christmas Red and Garnet. Have I mentioned how much I hate that red never photographs well? I also took this picture while waiting for the worlds longest and slowest train ever. Boyfriend didn’t approve, but my car was in PARK and I finished three rows in the time it took for the train to finally pass through. I viewed it as a win. 

I started these socks on the 4th while hanging out with boyfriends’ family and got this far by the time lunch and such were done. It’s a 60-stitch sock on size 2 needles. The yarn is a little light, but I’m hopeful that it’ll bloom nicely when washed. I have to finish these by the time we leave for LaCrosse for another family event where we’ll be camping all weekend. Boot socks are necessary for a healthy foot. He only has one pair of socks and will definitely need another pair for the weekend.

Thing Finished 1: Line Break shawl. 

Shelridge Farms SoftTouch Heather Fingering weight in colorway Sand. This is from the Cone and I haven’t weighed it yet for total yardage used.

I cannot wait for the weather to cool off enough for me to wear this shawl. It is so beautiful it hurts a little and it blocked amazingly. I even used blocking wires for this one! It’s so light and airy and it’ll be perfect for the wedding we’re attending in August.  Did I mention that I was so obsessed with this that I finished it in 8 days?

Thing Continued 1: Not-So-Color-Tipped-Scarf

I don’t have an image of this but I was working on it for a while on Friday night. It’s slowly coming along and I’m about 2/3 done with the second skein of Tahki Donegal Tweed I got for my birthday. I’ll get partially through the third skein before finishing it off.

Thing finished 2: The Puerperium Cardigan

Yarn is Handspun Fairy Yarn Mother in colorway BlueBell. It bled like a MOFO when I washed it. Buttons TBD.

I finished this guy on Thursday and he laid in the living room for a good long while to block properly. He’s now sitting on the button box waiting for buttons. I haven’t decided on the color of the buttons yet.

Thing started 2: The Baleshare cardigan

Yarn: Fishermen’s Wool. Size 9 needles.

We got a new KnitScene at the store this past week and I instantly purchased it because there were about 6 sweaters I wanted to knit and will definitely BE knitting these this season. This one struck me immediately and I started figuring out how much yardage I’d need. Boyfriend took my measurements and I fell between the second-to-largest and the largest, so I went with the largest in the thoughts that a bit of ease would make it really cushy and comfy so I set to finding an economical way to get 2500 yards of yarn in my possession.

A trip to Joann Fabrics on Sunday morning and I had five skeins of Fishermen’s Wool and I figured out my gauge. Size 9 needles and I was set. I cast on and started the ribbing pattern and by bedtime, I was half a row away from finishing the ribbing pattern. From now on it’s just the stockinette until it measures a bajillion inches.

I’m short by about 75 yards per the pattern, but I have a great skein of handspun I inherited from Lynn at  knit-night in a deep chocolate brown (just slightly darker than what I’m working with) so I’ll be able to add that to the sleeves and it’ll look intentional. I hope to have this sweater done by the time the season changes and it cools down enough to wear it immediately when it’s done!

Thing continued 2: The Sincere cowl

Sincere Sheep in Vitamin C and Deepest Desire. Size 4 needles. Knits in orange. Purls in purple.

This has been languishing in my stash for I don’t even know how long. I purchased the yarn back in 2012 in Seattle, started the cowl in march or something and have been very slowly working on it since then. Keywords being VERY and SLOWLY.

The skeins are 330 yards each and I’m doing it in the dumbest way possible. GARTERSTITCH. Really? What was I thinking?

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Nothing much else to report other than I guess it’s time to start looking for a new contract job. My current one is ending soon, sadly. Such is the life of a contractor!



Making baby stuff!!

I got a text from Cousin K saying ‘hey tell your mom she’s going to be a Great Aunt again!’

We immediately went into a frenzy of excitement at the amazing news. We then went into present thoughts and what colors to use (greens and yellows are good for the baby of unknown sex) and what we were going to knit/crochet for her.

I’ll admit, for family, I’m thinking big. I’m even going to hand-dye some bare yarn to a bright green/yellow/blue mix of my own loving. This requires some Merino Superwash bare yarn from Knitpicks, of course! I’m going to need five hanks I want to say for this project. I’m of the thought that hand-making a present is way better than going to Target. Sure they have the classic Pooh stuff but I prefer to make something that’s totally from the heart.

So I have these awesome delusions of grandeur. They include four projects. Most of which I haven’t ever made.

The Big Bad Baby Blanket. This pattern is from Stitch ‘n Bitch and I’ve wanted to make something like it for years. This time I’m actually going to make the real thing.

The Tomten Jacket. This pattern is going to be my first non-linear article of clothing. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pattern is supposed to be super easy and I love those jackets on kids.

Booties. The cousin’s last baby was a big boy so I’m thinking of making a couple pairs in differing sizes depending on how easy they are.

A Cap. I’ve made beanies for my head but never for a baby. Not quite sure how the dimensions change/if it’ll need to be made completely on DPNs but I’m more than willing to give it a shot!

Mom is going to be crocheting a blanket she also made for the neighbor’s soon-to-be-joining-us grandchild. It’s yellow and has ducks on it. It’s super cute and Mom is so talented with crocheting that I’m sure she’ll be able to make this one in no time. Not sure if she’ll be using the same colors as me though…