Got a case of the Mondays

Yesterday was an interesting one: No one was in the office. Well that’s not true- a fair few people were here but a lot of them were gone in meetings and/or on location- AKA Out of the office. It was another day of voicemails. The phone rang about 15 times all day too so it was a very dull day. Perfect day to make another hat!

I grabbed some marine-colored Cascade 220 Alpaca (What is my obsession with 220??) and, again, my size 6 circulars.  I had hoped there would be more work for me to do but projects were being saved for later in the week- AKA it was phone answering and nothing more for the day. It was great.

I decided to go with a k1p1 rib for the brim and then stockinette stitch for the bulk of the hat. What else could be easier than knit stitch in the round?

I finished the hat sans the DPN work shortly before leaving work. It’s a little big since the yarn was a larger gauge but it’s so soft and cushy that it works when it bubbles out a little.

Like Friday, when I take a good-quality picture of this hat, I’ll post it.

Generic Beanie
Design: Mine
Needles: Circular and DPN Size 6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Alpaca blend


Friday I’m in Love

Friday was an interesting day at the office. Most of our staff was super busy in meetings and such and phones were sent directly to peoples’ voicemails so I didn’t have much to do. I broke out the purple Cascade 220 Tweed at about 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. and cast on for a simple garterstitch/stockinette stitch hat.

So in between phone calls and bathroom/lunch breaks, I knit an entire hat with this gorgeous tweed. The nubbies are all different colors and I love the designs created by the bits attached to the yarn. It’s somewhat coarse but the yarn will definitely keep one warm in the winter months.

Once I take a good picture of this hat, I’ll post it. Hopefully tonight!

Generic beanie
Design: Mine
Needles: Circular, DPN size 6
Yarn: Cascade 220 Tweed- Purple