The Current Projects

I think it might be time I finished something…

Garterstitch Baby Blanket
Pattern: My own. Basic Garterstitch
Yarns: Two re-purposed sweaters, Orange and Red
Needles: Size 10.5 Circular Bamboo
I started this project on a whim and haven’t gotten very far. Hopefully before the next 2nd Cousin comes around, I’ll have something prepared.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Striped Scarf
Pattern: My own: K1P1 Rib
Yarns: Spud & Chloe Sweater: Burnt Orange and Brown
Needles: Size 8.5 Straight Bamboo
I started this project while on the plane to Seattle since I figured it would be small and easy to work on. Since then I’ve lost some interest and have only a couple feet done on it. I’ll get it done one of these days.

The Super Small scarf/Neckwarmer
Pattern: My own: Basic Garterstitch
Yarns: Mochi Mini blue variegated
Needles: Mom’s Size 2 Metal
This takes forever but it looks pretty cool so far. I only come to this project if I’m in the mood for a challenge

Honey Tweed
Pattern: My own: Garterstitch and Honeycomb
Yarns: Cascade 220 Tweed in Purple
Needles: Size 8 Straight Bamboo
My first foray into Cable Knitting and I’m very proud of it!

Tim’s Christmas Present
Pattern: My own: Vertical Garterstitch
Yarns: Caron Simply Soft Eco in Black- Yarn held double
Needles: Size 10 Circular Bamboo
Changes: As opposed to Anthony’s scarf, I only cast on 175 sts. This will hopefully yield a 6-foot scarf, rather than a 9-foot one.

Beer Cozy
Pattern: From Knitting with Balls: Pattern will be K3P3 pattern
Yarns: KnitPicks bare yarn- hand-dyed with Grape KoolAid
Needles: Size 8 DPNs. Set of 5.
Changes: I’m working this pattern in reverse. Yarn Over’s just aren’t for me.

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Do I have a problem? Guilty

I went on a buying bender the other day but only by default. I went to Half-Priced Books hoping to make a pretty penny for my brother’s books (of course, I’m sending the money to him) but I had tons of time to kill because the people who entered the store before me had what seemed like an entire Library in their arms, so I figured I’d be sitting around for a while.

So I found the knitting section. This is where the robot in my head started flailing his arms around screaming “DANGER WILL ROBINSON… DANGER… DANGER!” But I didn’t listen to him… of course not.

Let it be known: I had NO INTENTION of buying anything, but then I saw the books they had on the shelves for more than 3/4 of the sale price. I couldn’t pass up that kind of deal.

So I bought three books…

I picked up Knitting with Balls, Glamour Knits and Classic Knits. There’s at least three things in each of these books I’d like to try, including a cowl-neck sweater, a pair of knee-socks, a beer bottle cozy, an Aran laptop case, and a paneled blanket that has the appearance of hounds-tooth. Oh I’m so excited!

THEN! Last night I went to Barnes and Noble looking to find the latest copy of Milwaukee Home and Fine Living, the magazine which I’d love to intern this spring semester. I didn’t find the magazine since they haven’t had it on the stands in almost 6 months, but I found a bunch of knitting magazines (I’m worse than an alcoholic at an open bar…). So I found two and, to make up for my lack of luck in the MHFL search, I bought two magazines.