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Don’t Mind Me

I’ve been out of range of the blog for a very good reason:

My hands have been on a pair of needles almost every minute they’re not eating, drinking coffee, sleeping or wandering around town in the rain.

It’s been five days since I was last at work and I’m having a tough time adjusting to the whole ‘sitting at the desk in the mildly dark lighting trying to organize the 80 million things I have to get done.

[may it be known that it took me two days to write this post.]

I’m writing emails, email writing (get the difference?) proofing emails, filling out requests for barcodes and proofing site creative along with the 10 million other things. My knitting sits next to me, spilling out of the bag, staring at me. Judging me. Whimpering at me to be knit.

So. Seattle. It rained a lot. We left a snowstorm and came to a fresh mist of rain that kept the ground wet for the entire visit to the city.

I knit Brother’s Huskies hat on the plane(s). I previously had finished the fair isle so I felt confident leaving the cream color at home and just finishing with the purple. I did finish with about 10 minutes left and pulled out the Chevry shawl but found that the yarn was tangled into a mess that rivaled some of my most serious yarn barfs so I put it back and sulked for the last 20,000 feet of the flight.  I realized I left my darning needles at home so I would need to make a purchase upon getting to the yarn shop.

I’m quite proud of my knitting prowess, and was very nervous to give it to him.


I have a tendency to get extremely flustered when flying and when people ask me where to go when I possibly know less than the person asking about that city, I get frustrated and snap every so often. Mom would ask where we’re supposed to go (as if I’m supposed to remember from a year ago) and Boyfriend bounced ideas off me and I clenched my jaw and walked a few steps ahead of them to avoid freaking the frak out at them(even though I did anyway). Boyfriend, in all his amazing intuition, found the rental car place, we got a car and Siri brought us to the hotel.

By 3 p.m. we were in the hotel room (sans view, even though we asked for one) chilling out for a bit before we decided to go venturing out. Mom chilled out at the hotel while boyfriend and I went to a yarn shop near Pike Place Market. The yarn shop (So Much Yarn, in case anyone wants to know.) was little and the owner/woman working there were sweet. They immediately asked to look at my hat, asked if it was a certain kind of yarn and was baffled when I told her it was MadelinTosh. It’s like she didn’t believe me. She then spent the better part of 20 minutes showing me the most expensive yarns in the place. I found the sale yarn (it’s a sixth sense, I swear) and got three skeins of Prism Symphony in a Marina blue and a sea green.

Of which there is no image. I didn’t get home until 10 p.m. last night and yarn was last on my mind.

The green was an impulse buy as there was only one skein and it’s 120 yards but it was too gorgeous to pass up. I got two skeins of the blue with the intent of making myself some flip-top mittens. I also got some size 6 circular needles from Knitter’s Pride. They’re purple. That’s all I really cared about. I forgot the darning needle and boyfriend created a notification for when we got to the next place.

Upon returning to the hotel at one point during this day, I noticed that there isn’t a 13th floor in this building. The elevator just whizzes past 13 on its way to 14 and there’s no button.

But seriously. Those people on the 14th floor KNOW what floor they’re really on.

We met Brother for dinner right down the street from the hotel and about a 10 minute walk for us from the yarn shop. We drank, had a great meal and drank some more while Brother got to know Boyfriend and we all caught up with everything going on that side of the US.

Saturday we slept in late and got to Emerald City CrossFit for our WOD. If you want to read more, head over to KnitEatLift.

We headed back to the hotel, cleaned up and set out for the Monorail, which took us to the Space Needle

Better than the crappy free photo they took of us before we got on the elevator.

Then went to Pike Place Market where I found some raw honey and dark chocolate covered bing cherries.

We then went back to the hotel and made the attempt to go to the Freemont Troll and the yarn shop out there, but it turned out to be too dark too soon (4 p.m.. Seriously) so we put the troll off for Sunday but still went to The Fiber Gallery where I hit the motherload.

Upon entering the shop, I instantly made a beeline to the notions rack and picked up a packet of soak in Aquae (I figured unscented would leave me with a wet-dog smelling hat, so Aquae seemed masculine enough) and a set of darning needles. Then came the real shopping:

I got two skeins of Sincere Sheep for a second Chevry. These skeins, while pricey, have 330 yards of DK weight yarn and look at the colors!!! I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough yardage for it, but I can fib it a bit as the B color uses significantly less yardage than the A color. I’ll figure it out.

I also got two skeins of some gorgeous Malabrigo Rios without a plan to knit anything with them but because they’re so gorgeous I couldn’t help myself. I finally got one skein of blue Malabrigo Worsted for a blue beanie for boyfriend(It’s a web-developer thing). He liked this color best after going through all the colors in the shop to find the perfect blue for his hat. He won’t be getting it for a while as I have stuff to knit for myself first, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it when it’s actually finished. It’ll be the first thing I knit for him and, not to worry, it’ll be at least February before I knit it up.

Sorry, no images of this stuff either. Again. 10 p.m. and sleepy.

Bag stuffed and belly empty, we went back to the hotel and had a delicious dinner at the restaurant at the base of the hotel (no room service, so annoying).

I don’t know what that dressing was, but it made me so happy!

Sunday was a fun day indeed. Mom, Boyfriend and I went to the cafe across the street (same one we went to two years ago… killer pastries) and went to a Green Bay Packers bar for the game (10 a.m. game. oy to the vey). I knit the Chevry for the entire game and made good progress on it. No pictures, though… sorry.

After the game, Mom and brother went shopping and boyfriend and I went to a brewery tour.

The blurriness has nothing to do with the beer… Seriously.

It cost $1 and you got 5 samples of their brew AND got to keep the glass. Red Hook is nationally-distributed and did I mention it’s pretty delicious?

I knit whenever in the car and we took the scenic route back to the hotel. We had Potbelly for dinner and didn’t see Mom until the next morning.

Did I mention Seattle at night is really pretty? The Space Needle features a green top and a lighted tree from the spire as it does every year. It’s pretty cool.

Christmas Eve was interesting. All three of us didn’t want to do anything so we bummed around. I realized I had effed up Chevry and couldn’t figure out how, but, after taking the entire shawl off the needles and ripping out five rows, putting all the stitches on the needle, I figured out my idiot problem of knitting too much.  I fixed the issue and kept merrily knitting along.

See that? Blue on bottom and orange on top. NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE THAT!

Mom, Boyfriend and I went for a walk to the market and saw the fattest pigeon ever.

They got sweatshirts and we all got lunch at a cute little cafe. After we cleaned up and went to Christmas Eve services where I belted out Silent Night via candlelight and we both got to pull out our German. It was a very nice service and maybe next year we’ll get to see the live-nativity thing everyone keeps talking about.

After services, we drove back to the hotel to find that EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED. Seriously. The entire city had shut down in observation of the holiday. We were starving and didn’t even care what food was available. Pizza places were closed, the restaurant downstairs was closed, and everything seemed dark. We went for a walk in the hopes we’d find something and, miracle of miracles, we found a Subway. Dinner was had and it was all well and good.

The next morning, Christmas, was a slow one. We got lucky and had breakfast served to us through the hotel (as everything was still going to be closed) and went to Brother’s for an extremely paleo dinner and presents and hanging out. Brother got me a Paleo slow cooker book and I gave him his hat and the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story and a bunch of other little tidbits from A Christmas Story. He gave Boyfriend a couple large bottles of beer. We watched A Christmas Story (sensing a theme here?), ate a delicious dinner and then watched Ted and Kung Fu Panda (We’re nothing if not immature at times). I knit for the entire day. We left shortly before too-late and went to bed early knowing it was going to be an early morning.

Mom’s birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!) was a day of travel. We packed, I in a frenzy as always, and we made it to the airport, sat in the ever-growing security line that was about 800 people long and made me want to have a panic attack in the hopes it would let me through security faster. The flight was cramped and we watched The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King as soon as we hit 20,000 feet. I knit and knit and knit. I finished the fifth and final chevron and started the last rows before the border only to find out it’s a 24-row border. Ever-growing.

I used the flash to blow out the colors a bit. It’s now getting so big that the bag can’t really hold it. 24 more rows to go!


We unpacked, started laundry and went upstairs to finish watching LOTR. I knit some more. I finished the four rows before changing colors and put it away. Today I sit at my desk, Chevry staring at me.

I can’t wait to knit you tonight.

Did I mention all the ends to be woven in?

My hope is to finish this thing by the end of the weekend(I do realize it’s Thursday and I work a lot over the next three days) because I want to wear it. Now.


Emotionally Over It

I finished the first stocking and was very exceptionally proud of myself.

Apparently neither boyfriend nor I can keep our toes out of the image. And the lighting at Boyfriends’ does not lend to taking photos of knitwear. Know that it is cherry red and dark grey. Really pretty, if not a little masculine. I think a couple snowflake buttons will ‘girly’ it up.

I spent a good amount of time looking at it and petting it and admiring it until I realized I needed to knit a second one.

So on Saturday I cast on the second stocking and got through to the Green foot part before the end of my shift at Cream City.

I even threw a fit with Boyfriend when it looked too boyish, that both stockings looked like boy stockings.

It’s at about this point where I started losing steam with the whole stocking thing. I was loving the Quatro yarn and I enjoyed the knitting aspect of things but I was just BORED with the fact that I was making another stocking for my apartment and I wasn’t knitting something else. I began imagining what else I could knit from my stash, thinking about the piles and piles of yarn I had available to me so why was I being so monogamous with this idea? I should have four projects in my purse, not just this one giant sock!

Sunday was spent bitching about the stocking, how I didn’t want to be knitting it, but I only had that one thing in my purse. I slowly churned away at it and finished half a skein of green before thinking I was coming up to the end of the foot. I stopped and ignored it until the end of my shift and I headed home to meet Boyfriend before driving up to Neenah to visit his little sister for dinner. I knew I couldn’t stand to knit the stocking any further and I wanted to knit a cowl for an event this weekend. I knew I had two skeins of Berocco Chunky that I could make into a seed-stitch cowl. I rushed around the apartment, grabbing a knitpicks interchangeable needle and a skein of the yarn before running out the door.

I cast on 131 stitches but realized it was going to be too small, so I upped it to 151 and started the K1P1 pattern. I worried that I’d be creating a rib but was pleasantly surprised that this was becoming a rather thin seed stitch pattern.

I got through about 6 rows before getting to Neenah so I stuffed it in my purse and headed up. After dinner I pulled it back out and knit for the entire game last night, among all the screams at the TV and playing with the cat. I finished most of the skein and was very surprised at myself and my speed in doing this project. Either I’m highly motivated or I just was knitting at the speed of light.

Sorry for the crappy lighting. “Cavernous” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It’s rather thin, so I’m hoping wrapping it around my neck twice will help keep out the chill while still looking chic. I’m also completely charmed with the speed at which I can knit one of these, so I might have to do some more stash busting with some more colorful  yarns and make something up with this.

I also grabbed the blue socks I’ve been knitting but I’m pretty sure they’ll never be done. I need different needles as the clover needles are too small for me to properly get a handle on. I’ll be buying some KnitPicks needles when I finally have money again. And I just don’t really like knitting socks, I don’t know what it is. They’re nowhere near instant enough for me, especially when I’m knitting on size 1 needles.

I still have the Christmas Present hat to knit, but I probably won’t be working on it until the last second.

I’m desperate to keep knitting my Chevry. I want it done so badly I can taste it. However, other things just keep getting in the way and I won’t be able to work on it until Christmas Day.

Until I can calm myself and my desires for other knitting, I will keep knitting and purling on this cowl. Saturday is quickly approaching, after all!



Yes, I realize it’s September 3 and I’m talking about Christmas already

But! I don’t have an endless amount of time (especially with the Marine coming home tonight for two weeks of pre-deployment leave) and Christmas is looming. How do I know? I’m wearing a sweatshirt since it was so cold this morning.

I realized something while talking to Marie yesterday: I sabotaged myself last year by giving both her and Marie a scarf and (In Marie’s case) a hat. This makes creating a gift for them much harder and I think the best option here is to go whole hog…


I found some seriously cute sweaters online but no pattern for one of them, so I found one that matches it pretty closely in my latest copy of Knit Simple. The gauge is a little smaller than I’d like but I don’t think that’s too much of a hindrance for me.

This will be the second attempt at a scarf since the disastrous Tomten jacket debacle so I’m nervous. But I have four months to get at least two sweaters done.


Seattle: The Aftermath

I had a lot of fun running around Seattle during my Christmas vacation.

Upon coming home I realized the majority of the damage I had done when I took inventory of the yarn I had bought.

Lets just say me in a yarn shop is a very dangerous combination. I spent a little too much money but I’m so excited to start knitting.

At Stitches, I didn’t find a ton of yarn because it was mostly for fabric, but I did find four skeins and beautiful Cascade 220 and 120. I plan on making some striped scarves with the two colors I’ve chosen (two shades of orange and two shades on red). She even wound the yarn for me, thus spurring my strong desire to buy a swift and ball winder… I’m very excited to get started knitting though!

A few days later I went to another yarn shop near Westlake Mall. My brother was shopping around so Mom and I drove down the road to Pacific Yarns. I tried to stay relatively frugal at this place but they had this beautiful plum colored tweed and some yarn that I got my friend Rachel for Christmas. I also found some really pretty rainbow colored and ocean colored yarns but I have to suck it up and buy a pair of 2s for that knitting. I hope I’m up for the challenge.

That same day we went to a yarn shop relatively close to my brother’s apartment. He and mom stayed in the car, expecting to be there for quite some time but little do they know that I’m a super yarn shopper! I found more tweed (red this time), some cashmere and wool blend yarn, some baby Alpca, and more Cascade Yarns (The factory is in northern Seattle so Cascade is super cheap and it’s everywhere… sadly I didn’t make it up there before leaving for home).

I finally took some pictures and will upload them as soon as I can, but let me tell you, I am set for yarn for a very long time. I’m thinking of taking over the dresser in our spare room for all my yarn!

Until then it’s on to finishing the Christmas presents for my two best friends before Monday…


Who wants a hat?

I’m going on a spree of getting rid of my scrap yarn. I have giant amounts of yarns that I’ll never think of what to make out of them so I think a hat spree will be a good idea. I’m planning on working on them after I’m done with a friend’s Christmas present, and Anthony’s scarf (Thanksgiving weekend I’ll be done, my friend!)

So… 15 dollars for a crocheted hat sound reasonable? I think I’ll start working now and sell them as I make them.


The Christmas Present Montage

I went to Joann Fabrics on Friday. I know I shouldn’t have but I have so many things to do before Christmas!

I figured the best thing for me to do is go with my strengths. I have an awful time buying things for my friends so I usually end up getting a CD or going to Bath and Body works which I hate doing because it feels like a fall back for me. I decided to create my presents for my friends and I feel like it’ll be the easiest way to make them happy by these items.

For the sake of keeping things secret from my friends who may be reading this, I’m keeping the colors vague and only mentioning what pattern I’ll be using.

M1 loves a certain Broadway show so I’m making a scarf inspired by one of the characters. It’s made of a simple garter stitch on size 8 needles. I’m about half done with this sucker. He’s super tall so I had to account for that. I think it’ll reach my knees when I’m done.

M2 wanted a hat so I’m going to make Quincy out of a beautiful Autumn Red that I think will look amazing with her hair and eyes. I bought Brooklyn Tweeds book of patterns a while ago and have yet to create anything from it so I’m really excited to delve into this project. I’ve also never made a hat, so it’ll be an interesting feat. If I have extra time and yarn, I’ll create some mittens in the same color for her. She has long walks outside between classes so I think simple Stockinette Stitch mittens would also be great for her.

C told me she’d prefer a scarf. I found a BEAUTIFUL teal blue that would make her gorgeous blue eyes pop and her hair be a great contrast. I’ll make the Ribbed For Her Pleasure from Stitch ‘n Bitch (It’s one of my favorite things to make) with double stranded yarn. I think it’ll look beautiful in her wardrobe and she’ll be able to wear it all over the place.

T changed his mind about a hundred times on color, style, length and everything possible that he could want. Finally he settled on black and I got started this past weekend. I loved the Green Vertical Striped scarf I made previously so I decided to attempt it on a thinner weight yarn. So far it’s looking good, though I’m not sure if it’s long enough. I just started casting on, didn’t count my stitches and stopped when the yarn was bunching on the line. I’m sure it’ll be fine!

M3 is going to be a different story. She told me that she’d like a scarf. I don’t have any color ideas for her because she looks fabulous in anything and she wears a lot of colors and looks great in them. I’ll have to make at least one more trip to Joann Fabrics to pick up an idea for her and this scarf. I’m leaning toward the burnt orange I already have but I don’t know that she’d wear it if it’s that colorful. I may end up going with the organic black yarn I saw at Joann and create something beautiful from there…

Sadly… you, my dear readers, will have to wait until after Christmas to see what these babies look like. I’ll be taking pictures of them before I give them away to my friends and I’ll offer up some pictures of what they look like/ my friends have to say about them!

Note: I have way too many friends with names that start in M…