Who wants a hat?

I’m going on a spree of getting rid of my scrap yarn. I have giant amounts of yarns that I’ll never think of what to make out of them so I think a hat spree will be a good idea. I’m planning on working on them after I’m done with a friend’s Christmas present, and Anthony’s scarf (Thanksgiving weekend I’ll be done, my friend!)

So… 15 dollars for a crocheted hat sound reasonable? I think I’ll start working now and sell them as I make them.


Throm Designs may be going international!

A friend of mine whom I met on the message board for The Matches, a band out of Oakland CA., wrote on my wall yesterday:

“I want you to make me a hat.”

I thought about it for a few minutes and decided it might be a fun idea. He’ll be the first boy I make something for and it’ll be the first time that my designs could possibly be in another country, let alone another state.

While I’m working on a generic scarf for Anthony, the crocheted Flappy Hat is a design of my own making, which makes it feel even more like mine than anything I’ve ever made. He even said he would only wear it because I made it- which made me blush but… you get the point!

In any case… I’m wondering how lucrative this endeavor could be. My friend said he was considering the transaction- by paypal-ing me the cost of the hat and I’d ship it across the pond to England for him.

I find it very interesting that people are willing to pay extra for something that they could easily get for 10 bucks at Target, but the fact that it comes from someone they know and they know it’s not going to be mass-made, they always want to go for it instead…


I’ve started making patterns

I bought this random book at barnes and noble a while back and never had a very good use for it… until now.

Photo 179

I started with the pattern of the crocheted flappy hat and kept going. I’m working on my fourth pattern- a remake of the mittens I bought this afternoon.

Photo 215
This is only part of the pattern- if you want the whole thing, let me know!

In the back, I taped all the labels and tags from the yarn I buy and let me tell you- it was A LOT of yarn that I’ve previously bought.

Photo 217

I can’t wait to add more patterns of my own creation and even some pictures to put in there as well. It’ll be like my very own scrap book for patterns and knit-tacular items.


I never thought this could happen…

I’m actually running low on supplies.

I’ve been knitting like a madwoman lately whenever I can get a chance and I’m actually running low!

Two of the M’s presents are done.
I made an orange headband out of my hand-dyed Orange Koolaid yarn (post and pictures to come!)
I’ve made two hats out of the gorgeous red yarn
I made Quincy out of some left-over white yarn (**Currently for sale… if anyone is interested)
I’m working on Gryffindor and Hufflepuff
Anthony’s scarf is about a foot and a half done and I haven’t had the time or the inspiration to continue working on it… Sorry, Anthony!
Graham is still being worked on. I’ve not had time over the last couple of days to get a single stitch on the needles so I’ll have to really get working on that this weekend if I want to be able to wear it any time soon.

I’m still a little behind of where I thought I could be right now. I wanted to have all my x-mas presents/friend’s creations done by now but I’m still scrambling. Christmas is over a month away so I know most of you are wondering what’s wrong with me that I think I’m behind schedule, but it’s just how I am!

In any case, I have about 4 full skeins of yarn from my Christmas extravaganza, and those are for two people, T and C. I’m still contemplating what I want to do for C because I’ll want to make hers long- requiring the yarn be held single, not double. Luckily Caron doesn’t make yarn with dye-lots so I don’t have a problem with multiple colors seeping into the yarn. I’m thinking a simple K1P1 Rib Stitch will suffice for her… thought it’ll take me longer to do.

Then with T’s scarf, I need to wait until I finish Anthony’s scarf… because Anthony’s is on the needles that I need for T’s.

Then, last night, I came to realization that I have about 5 or 6 skeins of the old brown that I wanted to make a sweater out of and 1 blue. I’m thinking a vertical striped scarf with a blue outline or a brown hat with blue crown, brim and flaps is in order soon.

I guess I’ll have to do an inventory when I’m done with the Christmas collection. Hopefully these yarns can last me until Seattle so I can go crazy with buying lots of yarns!


Flappy hat, flappy hat, it’s time to make a flappy hat!

I’m sorry to say this but I can’t post pictures of this item until after x-mas! The creation is for a friend so… SORRY! The photo is of my hat. M’s will be different!

Anywhoo– I pulled out the gorgeous red yarn for M today. She told me previously that she wanted a hat so I decided to attempt to knit her one. The big problem with knitting a hat is that usually they’re made in the round and I don’t like to assume I know what the size of my bestie’s head is. So I decided to go with my tried and true…

my crocheted flappy hat but with a twist.

So I pulled out the Caron eco-friendly soft yarn and held the yarn double. I Chained on 15 sts and single crocheted the entire thing. This makes a vertical striped hat. I guessed at the circumference- basically it fit on my head slightly tight… I’m sure M has an averaged size head!- and bound off, made the crown then added two rows going around the brim making a stitch wherever I felt there should be one.

I didn’t do the flaps, mostly because I felt like the lushness of the red yarn didn’t suit the flaps, and it looked adorable as it was- so adorable I wanted to keep it… I have some yarn left over so I’ll make one myself though!

It looks a bit like a bell. and I really love how the red turned out. I think it’ll be beautiful and she’ll love to wear it through the winter months.

So now my friends all want hats that look like that. What is a knitter to do?!

Photos taken in Hartbrook Park in Hartland WI
Makeup courtesy of Maxwell John