It’s been a very hectic couple of weeks what with school and having a social life and dealing with everything that’s on my plate right now. From all of this, I’ve had barely any time to do any knitting.

I took a sick day on Friday because of a lack of sleep and a looming sore throat that may have turned into something else had I not started taking care of myself more. So I stayed home, watched movies with a mug of hot apple cider and my knitting. Wrapped in a cozy sweater and under my comforters, I didn’t leave my bed except to eat and use the restroom. It was a very successful day.

I got quite a bit of work done on Gryffindor. It’s hard getting back into the groove of things- especially when the groove includes size 17 needes and double-stranded yarn. While it might seem like needles of this size would allow the knitting to go faster, using this buggers is more like a cramp waiting to happen.

So I became the tortoise: Slow and steady wins the race

This scarf is super plush and I can’t wait for it to be done so I can show it off.


I never thought this could happen…

I’m actually running low on supplies.

I’ve been knitting like a madwoman lately whenever I can get a chance and I’m actually running low!

Two of the M’s presents are done.
I made an orange headband out of my hand-dyed Orange Koolaid yarn (post and pictures to come!)
I’ve made two hats out of the gorgeous red yarn
I made Quincy out of some left-over white yarn (**Currently for sale… if anyone is interested)
I’m working on Gryffindor and Hufflepuff
Anthony’s scarf is about a foot and a half done and I haven’t had the time or the inspiration to continue working on it… Sorry, Anthony!
Graham is still being worked on. I’ve not had time over the last couple of days to get a single stitch on the needles so I’ll have to really get working on that this weekend if I want to be able to wear it any time soon.

I’m still a little behind of where I thought I could be right now. I wanted to have all my x-mas presents/friend’s creations done by now but I’m still scrambling. Christmas is over a month away so I know most of you are wondering what’s wrong with me that I think I’m behind schedule, but it’s just how I am!

In any case, I have about 4 full skeins of yarn from my Christmas extravaganza, and those are for two people, T and C. I’m still contemplating what I want to do for C because I’ll want to make hers long- requiring the yarn be held single, not double. Luckily Caron doesn’t make yarn with dye-lots so I don’t have a problem with multiple colors seeping into the yarn. I’m thinking a simple K1P1 Rib Stitch will suffice for her… thought it’ll take me longer to do.

Then with T’s scarf, I need to wait until I finish Anthony’s scarf… because Anthony’s is on the needles that I need for T’s.

Then, last night, I came to realization that I have about 5 or 6 skeins of the old brown that I wanted to make a sweater out of and 1 blue. I’m thinking a vertical striped scarf with a blue outline or a brown hat with blue crown, brim and flaps is in order soon.

I guess I’ll have to do an inventory when I’m done with the Christmas collection. Hopefully these yarns can last me until Seattle so I can go crazy with buying lots of yarns!


The Hogwarts Collection: Gryffindor

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!

I went to Joann Fabrics to find a ton of Christmas gift yarn and I found it… the perfect red and the perfect gold! And they were the same weight and brand! I was so excited I almost bought two skeins of each, knowing full well that I didn’t need two skeins.

Lion Brand yarn is so pretty and plush that I can’t wait to knit it up. The tag calls for size 8 needles but I’m going to find a pair of 7s or 6s because the knit will end up being tighter and much prettier than if I used the 8s.

Once I buy the needles, I’ll get started but until then, the yarn will sit in my bag taunting me to get to work!