Oh Hey 2017…

Welcome back! I missed you. I think I’m ready to write regularly again… hopefully.

2017 has been…interesting. Let’s go monthly so we can get back on track with one another.

January: The beginning of the year was tough for us- Freelance work had dried up, though I did get a new gig as a writer for Geek & Sundry, but that work was little and far-between sometimes. My other freelance work was slow-coming and I was starting to feel the monetary hurt. I knit a lot- I was teaching every Thursday and I was also working on cultivating a following for Kettle Moraine. I taught a couple sessions, but they petered out and instead I transitioned into teaching a few of the students on the side whenever we have time to get together. I started a Find Your Fade out of Critical Sheep D10, and it became an obsession for me. Otherwise I just knit away on random things; mainly just easy stuff to keep myself warm throughout the cold weather. I ate pretty healthy all season, worked out about 3-4 times per week, and didn’t lose a single pound. My naturopath upped my supplements to the point where I was taking 56 pills per day.

February: I finished the Find Your Fade! YUM!img_7610_medium2

I also knit up a Hemlock Ring blanket.


This act spurred on the beginning of many stash-busting projects that have continued throughout the season. I still ate Paleo/Gluten Free, worked out four time per week, took all 56 pills per day and was growing increasingly miserable. I called my naturopath, complained and she didn’t do anything for me. She took some more blood tests and I found out my Candida Antibodies went up recently. She did nothing more to alleviate this, but just kept telling me to eat Paleo and work out and watch my sugars. I still hadn’t lost any weight. 266 pounds. /sigh.

March: I picked up a sweater I had started a long time ago out of Sheepish Yarn Co Merino Worsted and decided it was time to finish the knitting. I made up a Shapely Boyfriend sweater and just needed to finish the sleeves. I have taken absolutely no pictures of this sweater (SHAME ON ME!) so just pretend you love it, ok? It’s blue and pretty. It took a couple weeks to do the sleeves and the collar, but I really like it. I wore it a lot, only to realize that the collar didn’t sit very nicely around my neck. I ripped out the cast-off and did a large short-row shawl collar instead. No real big changes since then. I still need to weave in the ends and wear it one day, but I don’t have much of a need for big woolen sweaters right now.

Near the end of the month I called the Naturopath after doing some research on Candida and how to rid myself of it. I found the Candida Diet; a diet predominantly made up of cruciferous vegetables and white meat, and how it’s main goal is to kill off the yeast that grows in my stomach and perforates my small intestines to penetrate into my bloodstream. After talking it over with the Husband, I decided to give it a shot for a week. During that week I ate a lot of chicken, turkey, salmon and broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc. I drank coffee, tea and water with lemon. I avoided red meat and pork, and I made every meal and weighed every portion religiously. I consumed between 40 and 80 grams of carbohydrates per day. Around day four, I tried going to the gym. I became so dizzy while doing a simple workout because my blood sugar had dropped (due to the one prescription I am on that lowers my sugars) into the low (and very dangerous) 40s. I decided to call the Naturopath and explain to her what was happening. I didn’t go to the gym again that week. She called back TWO DAYS LATER and told me she didn’t recommend Candida Diet but essentially recommended everything I was doing on Candida Diet. She told me to stop taking the blood sugar drug because I was finally regulating my sugar by diet.

I lost 10 pounds in 9 days of doing Candida Diet. I became disillusioned by this doctor and I had finally seen the light that it was time to leave her and find someone who actually understood what was happening to me. I didn’t want to keep taking these pills that weren’t doing anything anyway and I was so full from said supplements that I didn’t eat much of anything throughout the day. I did some searching and found a new doctor in Milwaukee. It was going to be a bit of a drive, but I was willing to make it. Husband and Mom agreed that it’s time we change things up and I made the appointment for two weeks later.

I tried going to the Naturopath¬†to get my chart (and to get my last pills from her…) she wouldn’t give me anything more than my labs. No notes, or anything from her in my chart. RIDICULOUS! I filed a complaint with the medical board and put a 1 star review on the doctor’s google page. I’ve heard nothing from her since.

April: Not much knitting of note this month: I have been working on a vest out of Cascade Eco in a dark blue. Nope. No picture of this one either. I really suck at documenting my stuff!

I started a sample for work for the summer session at the Yarn Store and then realized it was too hard to knit and I was able to change to another sweater.


And I’ve been working on socks for a good long while, though none of them are anywhere near finished.

Oh and did I mention, I figured out how to Self-Stripe Critical Sheep D4?!

My best friend had her baby, Kenneth Josephine Breeden, and I brought over a wee hat to fit on her perfect little head. Kenneth is a doll, and she’s so little, but I can’t wait to see this little bit of alpaca/wool on her adorable head.


I anxiously awaited the day of my appointment with Dr. A.. I sent in my paperwork but they didn’t get my records in time, so we went in blind, but I walked in with all my pills and told her what had all happened, and included as much of my history as I could. She immediately threw out 23 of my pills. I could have kissed her. She told me to start with Castor Oil Packs every night before bed, to start Intermittent Fasting 3-4 non-consecutive times per week and she also told me to continue with the Candida Diet but that I could add in a few new things like Greek Yogurt and 1/4 cup berries and grass-fed beef and pork once per week. I am now down to 21 pills per day; three of which will be gone as soon as the bottle is empty (good and useful supplements should not have to go to waste! Oil of Oregano is great for Leaky Gut Syndrome, but my diet no longer requires it, so I’m taking it until it’s gone!). Both Husband and I were so happy to have her on our side that I felt like crying when I felt like she was finally hearing the words I was saying, explaining herself thoroughly and telling me exactly what she expects from me going forward. She even called me the next week (like she said she would!) and checked in on me. I used 8-day pill cases (three of them) in order to make 2 days, and now I can make 5 days out of those same pill cases. I don’t hate taking my pills now because I know these are the ones that are going to really do the best things for me.

May: Knitting! Nothing has been finished as of yet (we’re only two days in, after all) but I’ve been knitting away on 1999 (the class sample that just needs little sleeves!) and Georgetown, a sweater by Hannah Fettig that I’m making out of two strands of Shelridge Yarn Softtouch Heather in Charcoal and Gunmetal Blue (The blue I made my bridesmaids shawls out of ) and it’s coming out beautifully! I haven’t taken a picture of this yes, because it’s just a swathe of knitting, but you’ll get one soon! I’m on the back, about half way through the body. It’s a lot of knitting and it’s in pieces and seamed, but I am so excited to finish it. I’m starting the teaching of a class this week and, now that I’ve started a contract where I work in an office every day, I don’t really see my husband except for when we’re both zoned out in front of the TV at the end of the night.

I’m still eating Candida, and making sure I avoid any and all sugars/grains/starch/gluten (though I do enjoy my cheat meals) and I’m slowly and consistently losing weight. This morning I stepped on the scale and was finally down to 251. Since December 1, 2016, I’ve lost 25.5 pounds. Only 70 or so to go! The Castor Oil Packs help me sleep deeply and thoroughly every night and I’m feeling much better about my mental acuity and ability even though I’m a little spacey when I intermittent fast. I included a protein shake to increase my protein amounts per day so I can avoid starvation mode in my body every day.

I don’t think I have anything else fun to add to this post, which is already super long. I’m looking forward to spending more time blogging and sharing my updates. Every day is a new adventure for me, so I’m excited to see what the future holds.



I know it’s been two months since I last wrote– I’m terribly sorry about this. Life has been kind of crappy. My contract ended in January and I’ve been dealing with unemployment since then on top of my part time job. I’ve been, futilely, applying for jobs and trying to come to terms with the fact that dreams change and my next job may not be writing full time.

This idea really sucks. I don’t like thinking about it.

So I’ve been knitting to avoid it.

I knit a hat, another hat, a few cowls and I’m working on two blankets, one of which has a deadline.

Boyfriend’s Cousin is getting married in approximately 90 days and, rather than spending money on a present, I decided on Sunday that I would knit them a blanket with what I had in my stash. I cast on 500 stitches with the hopes that it would be big enough but realized that it would only be about 3.5 feet wide, which would not cover two adults in knitted warmth. So I cast on another 300 stitches.

Yes, ladies and gents: there’s 800 stitches on my needles. Stuffed doesn’t even begin to explain it.

I started with garter stitch with one strand held and was done with the first skein after about 10 rows. I then picked up a second skein and started in the round (on two 40 inch cables. Holy crap) and I’m about half way through the two skeins with four or five rows. I’m decreasing 4 times per row, meaning I have 200 rows until it’s done, making it 80,000 stitches about.

This blanket has a grey base and I’ve got three heathered colors to include stripes. I only have 5 skeins of grey to begin with (I have four more in the box just in case) and five skeins of the colors to include as small to big stripes. I have no idea what A&A’s color theme is, but I don’t really care as it’s going to be awesome when done– it’s also going to be at least 13 feet around, 5.5 feet across and soft and enormous. I would take a picture but right now it’s a mass of grey garter stitch. I’ll have something figured out in a few days. The stitches are currently smashed onto the 40 inch cable so I’m just going to keep decreasing in the hopes that it’ll fit more comfortably in a few days.

Boyfriend, in all his nerdy glory, figured out that it’ll be approximately 94 days if I knit for 60 minutes a day. At the rate I’m going, I’m knitting exclusively on this blanket for at least three hours a day and right now, it takes me approximately 50 minutes to knit a row.

I’ll let you know how things go in a few days. This should be interesting.


A Year of Many Christmases

I think the count is up to 5? Maybe 6? I can’t even keep track anymore.

Christmas is always interesting for me and Mom when we decide to go to Seattle to visit Brother-man. We usually have Christmas a few days before we leave town, so we don’t have to fuss with carrying a vacuum across the country and back… you know. Details. We’d have Christmas dinner at Brother’s and do an exchange of small things on Christmas day or Christmas eve, depending on if we wanted to wake up early or not. Usually it’s Christmas eve.¬† Once Mom and I got back into town, we’d go to a Christmas for my cousins and Aunt & Uncle. Eventually by the end of the year, I’d have met up with Caitlin and Marie for our annual bestiefest with dinner and gift exchange. This was hectic and included a lot of knitting on my part.

This year is a completely different ball of wax: We’re including Boyfriend into the mix. And I’m knitting virtually nothing for other people. ONE HAT is going to someone else and that’s it! I am happily knitting for myself and I really don’t care if anyone wanted anything. Until people really appreciate my knitting, it’s going to be for me and no one else.

Alright mini-rant over.

So this Christmas is starting about a week early: We’re doing Bestie Fest on the 17th. Mom, Boyfriend and I are doing Christmas on the 18th with a dinner. Christmas with Brother on the 25th. Then, once we’re home, Boyfriend and I will be having dinner with his parents. Sunday is the big family dinner with Boyfriend’s siblings and such. Another dinner is a few days later on the 1st. No sign of my cousins/Aunt & Uncle, but I’m sure they’ve got something planned that I’ll be working for anyway since I’ve got every weekend scheduled except for when I’m out of town.

So that’s 6 Christmases right there. I’ll be knitting my Chevry shawl through this month in the hopes that it’ll be done by Christmas for myself.

There are currently stockings in the works at my apartment, as well as a MadTosh hat, mittens, two Day Glow cowls, and the Chevry. The stockings take precedence as they’re kind of due in 7 days for St. Nick, but if I can get one done by then, I’ll view it as a win. The Christmas tree is supposedly going to be done tonight after I WOD. I just have to get through this day in one piece.