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Do I have a problem? Guilty

I went on a buying bender the other day but only by default. I went to Half-Priced Books hoping to make a pretty penny for my brother’s books (of course, I’m sending the money to him) but I had tons of time to kill because the people who entered the store before me had what seemed like an entire Library in their arms, so I figured I’d be sitting around for a while.

So I found the knitting section. This is where the robot in my head started flailing his arms around screaming “DANGER WILL ROBINSON… DANGER… DANGER!” But I didn’t listen to him… of course not.

Let it be known: I had NO INTENTION of buying anything, but then I saw the books they had on the shelves for more than 3/4 of the sale price. I couldn’t pass up that kind of deal.

So I bought three books…

I picked up Knitting with Balls, Glamour Knits and Classic Knits. There’s at least three things in each of these books I’d like to try, including a cowl-neck sweater, a pair of knee-socks, a beer bottle cozy, an Aran laptop case, and a paneled blanket that has the appearance of hounds-tooth. Oh I’m so excited!

THEN! Last night I went to Barnes and Noble looking to find the latest copy of Milwaukee Home and Fine Living, the magazine which I’d love to intern this spring semester. I didn’t find the magazine since they haven’t had it on the stands in almost 6 months, but I found a bunch of knitting magazines (I’m worse than an alcoholic at an open bar…). So I found two and, to make up for my lack of luck in the MHFL search, I bought two magazines.


I’ve started making patterns

I bought this random book at barnes and noble a while back and never had a very good use for it… until now.

Photo 179

I started with the pattern of the crocheted flappy hat and kept going. I’m working on my fourth pattern- a remake of the mittens I bought this afternoon.

Photo 215
This is only part of the pattern- if you want the whole thing, let me know!

In the back, I taped all the labels and tags from the yarn I buy and let me tell you- it was A LOT of yarn that I’ve previously bought.

Photo 217

I can’t wait to add more patterns of my own creation and even some pictures to put in there as well. It’ll be like my very own scrap book for patterns and knit-tacular items.


The Knitting (MAN)ual

I went to Knitch in Delafield a couple weekends ago with my bestie Rachel and, while on a high after finding my Hufflepuff colors, I looked up to see ‘The Knitting (Man)ual

First of all- Knitch is freaking fantastic. I love this place for its wall-to-wall yarns and beautiful textiles and the prices are pretty decent. They also boast a large collection of classes and, though I’ve never signed up for one, I love having that option. Knitch is also closer to me than Loop so it’s great to run down to Downtown Delafield, go to Mazatlan for lunch then go right across the street for some yarn!

This book, however pricey it may be, is such a great buy! I thought Stitch n Bitch was a great resource to have but these scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, socks and whatever else they think of are so innovative, simple and easy for someone like me who needs to get everything done quickly, that I couldn’t put the book down when at the store!

I’m planning on knitting a Nordic hat for myself (I only have a crocheted one right now!) as soon as I get the chance… as well as the slippers and some of the pretty scarves that incorporate cabling… Oh I’m so excited to get started!