Let’s get ready to dye!!!

I just got my KnitPicks order in the mail! It contained two 100-gram hanks of ‘bare yarn’ for my kool-aid dying excursion. The 100 grams = 220 yards so I separated it into three sections. I know it’s more than 50 yards but I only had three color options in my cupboard. Grape, Cherry, and Orange.

My Bare yarn!

First off- I need a Swift This would have made the entire situation easier when it comes to unraveling my yarn. I literally spent over an hour and a half (or three and a half episodes of Sex and the City) trying to get all the knots worked out. Eventually I got it all separated into three sets and had them all soaking.

So I went downstairs and grabbed three somewhat dusty mason jars from the creepy space under the basement stairs and filled them with water. Then I put the two sets of un-sweetened kool-aid into the jars while my skeins of yarn soaked in the sink filled with luke-warm water.


When I was satisfied with the concentration of kool-aid to water, I put the yarn in there. The color immediately soaked into the yarn and I was already impressed.


So I put all three into the microwave and hit the ‘one minute’ button two times. When it was done, I checked it out

My microwave...

I waited a few minutes, then put it back in the microwave and hit it for two minutes again. I left it again and hit the minutes again. After 3 zaps in the microwave, I pulled out the yarn and saw that the colors were completely dissolved into the yarn.

The Cherry, Orange and Grape juices after I took out the yarn.

I then put each yarn into the sink with some laundry detergent to help work out the excess dye. After that I gently pressed out most of the water and put it on a plate covered with tons of paper towel to soak up the extra color. 100_1312

After letting the yarn sit on the paper towel for a while, I moved my creations into the bathroom and over the curtain rack. I turned on the fan and put an old towel under the dripping yarn. 100_1315

I’ve been in to check on it a couple times and the yarn should be dry by morning (hopefully) so I can ball it up and start knitting! I can’t wait!


I have an addiction…

And I’m not afraid to admit it.

I just spent 30 bucks on yarn that I haven’t touched or seen before. But hey, at least I got a great deal on it! I’m always for a good justification!

I saw an ad on my Gmail that KnitPicks was having a massive sale. Naturally, I went ahead and checked it out, not really planning on finding anything but thought I could drool over the pretty-ness.

I found something…
A lot of something…

At 2.79 for 50 grams of yarn I could get Dougherty… dougherty

And Graham…graham

This was seriously a deal I couldn’t pass up regardless of if I should be spending that money or not… So I spent the money! I bought three skeins and both Graham and Dougherty and as soon as Dec 18 rolls around, I’ll be buying Beckett…beckett

I then checked out the needles and found the sets to be a little pricey for my liking so I passed up on that… then I saw dying kits.

This is what prompted my want for dying the textiles. So I bought two hanks of Bare Superwash Merino Wool. I plan on doing the kool-aid dye-test and since I bought this wool for super cheap, I won’t feel that terrible if it’s completely effed up.

bare yarn

I’m fidgety in anticipation until these beauties come in the mail and I can start knitting.

In the mean time- it’s time for an orange and blue neckwarmer. Still undecided whether I should do multiple stripes or just two large stripes.