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Randomly on a Tuesday

-I am at work on my lunch break; one of which I don’t take often enough.

-I am waiting for this afternoon to be over: We have a huge project going on and it’s live as of 3 p.m. today.

-I am sitting at my desk knitting the sleeve of a sweater.

-I was hoping to have this sweater done by now because it’s currently freezing in the office.

-At least it’s keeping my lap warm as I knit.

-I am really hoping to be done with this sweater by tomorrow afternoon so I can wear it to work for the remainder of the week.

-No, I have no shame in wearing the same sweater multiple days in a row.

-Why, you ask? Because it’s warm. That’s why.

The ¬†yarn is Cascade Eco and I’m knitting it based on the Leaflet Sweater from Knitty. I adapted it so it doesn’t have the lace panel and I’m making the button band much larger so it’ll overlap a bit in the front. I’m using two full skeins of Eco. Oh and I did garter stitch on the edges. Basically all I used the pattern for was the raglan increases. It’s tight on the arms, but that’s what I wanted. The next one I make will be just a hair larger so it’ll require less of a button band and the sleeves will be looser. As soon as the sleeves are done, I’ll be using the rest of the yarn (probably) to knit the button band. Still not sure if I want to include buttons, though.


Well It’s About Time

Life has been… well…

Let’s just say today was kind of terrible.

I spent a good portion of today confused and frustrated and a whole myriad emotions. I had an interview today for a job I thought I really wanted. I agonized over my outfit only to settle on a cute dress and a blazer with sleeves rolled up and the only pair of heels I own. I got up early, did my make up and hair, went to FedEx to print my new and improved resume and felt really confident about myself when I showed up 20 minutes early for the interview.


I met with a woman in HR and she and I clicked really well, spent a half hour talking and I felt really happy with the position and the choice I made by applying.

Then the two people in a hiring position came into the room. I’m sure they decided on good cop/bad cop, but I spent the half hour of my interview with them defending a barrage of questions. I answered as honestly as possible, spent a good time talking about my passion and occasionally cracked jokes “He’s sassy today!” to bad-cop’s snarky comments on occasion.

“To get to the point, we find your ambition and drive appealing but we have a couple red flags in that you don’t have direct experience with the programs we use, and that learning curve might just be too much. We need you to come in right away with this skill set.”

“I’m more than willing to do outside research to learn as much as necessary to be as best prepared for the demands of the position. Don’t count me out just yet!” was my response, which brought out the slightest chuckle from the two of them.


They then decided it was time to be done, so they walked me out of the office, shook my hand and I said “I’ll speak with you soon!” before walking out myself, feeling really down.

I’m almost positive that this was a test; in order to make it clear that I was able to handle myself in these situations with an angry client, something they simply could have just asked me about which I would have ample situational anecdotes rather than just fending off the man who could potentially be my boss. It sets a poor precedence for the future of us working together, but I still liked the job and would definitely do it.


So I came home and did some laundry. And I fretted. And then I laid out the Leaflet sweater. It had been crumpled on the cedar chest for the last few days and I was feeling bad that I hadn’t given it a proper blog post. It is the first sweater I’m really happy with after all.

I love the lace, especially once I figured out the centered double decreases (and one crazy scary event of dropping stitches down). I love the color and I love the fact that I made it in four days. I started it before bible class on Sunday morning and was done by Thursday night. I wore it to church, hated the sleeves, took it out the next morning and lengthened the sleeves so they actually reached my elbows.


I wore the soft Tosh Chunky in colorway Oak to work on Saturday after it had been through a good wash and it was so comfy and cozy even though the weather was in the 70s. I received countless compliments on it and everyone was astonished when I said I finished in four days.


So I sent them an email with my thank you’s and I’m looking forward to speaking with them etc. But even four hours later, I’m still feeling really uneasy with my options. If he had given me a razz at the end of the interview like “Thanks for putting up with my shit, I just wanted to see how you would react” it would make things easier to deal with, but I’m almost positive I’m not getting it. At least I always have my knitting.