Yet another Neckwarmer

I’ve been very busy at homework and whatnot so I haven’t had a chance to talk about this lovely neckwarmer!

I mentioned it a while back but I finally got a chance to finish it/wear it out.

I went out shopping during the summer and stopped at this little yarn boutique in my hometown. I don’t usually shop there but I was looking for something to do and I wasn’t looking to drive to either Oconomowoc or Milwaukee. So I stayed right where I was and I found this great wool.

It took me about an hour to make it through all the hiding places for yarn in this place. It also took me this long to find a yarn that was cheaper than what I’d find anywhere else (the prices are astronomical!) so when I found this yarn at 10 dollars a skein, I thought it was pretty decent and I picked out two colors that I thought went well- Turquoise and burnt orange.

At first I went with the intention of finding my Ravenclaw colors of Bronze and navy blue, but struck out yet again. I was still pretty happy with my choice and started working on it after it had been in the yarn-bucket for a while.

I started making a neckwarmer, because with my busy schedule, neckwarmers are super easy to put into my purse or backpack and carry around with me. I only needed one skein at a time because I knew I’d never have enough time to futz around with two skeins or make enough progress that I’d need two skeins…


So I cast on about 95 or 100 sts and started working. I debated for a while about making it the two solid colors, just switching to the other color when I was finished with one but then the thought of ‘what if one color is longer than the other?’ blah blah blah. I figured stripes would be a good compromise. And it was

This neckwarmer is so ridiculously warm and comfortable that I don’t even know I’m wearing it half the time. The colors work really well together and I enjoy the bunchy look it gives. Also, when I was cold while walking to the bus one day (and my hair was pulled back), it turned out to be a great tam.

I enjoyed the heck out of this design. It was my first striped item (with even stripes that is…) and I love the stark contrast it gives between it and my black jacket and mittens. The blue even helps bring out my eyes.

Needless to say, I gave myself a pat on the back for that one.


I have an addiction…

And I’m not afraid to admit it.

I just spent 30 bucks on yarn that I haven’t touched or seen before. But hey, at least I got a great deal on it! I’m always for a good justification!

I saw an ad on my Gmail that KnitPicks was having a massive sale. Naturally, I went ahead and checked it out, not really planning on finding anything but thought I could drool over the pretty-ness.

I found something…
A lot of something…

At 2.79 for 50 grams of yarn I could get Dougherty… dougherty

And Graham…graham

This was seriously a deal I couldn’t pass up regardless of if I should be spending that money or not… So I spent the money! I bought three skeins and both Graham and Dougherty and as soon as Dec 18 rolls around, I’ll be buying Beckett…beckett

I then checked out the needles and found the sets to be a little pricey for my liking so I passed up on that… then I saw dying kits.

This is what prompted my want for dying the textiles. So I bought two hanks of Bare Superwash Merino Wool. I plan on doing the kool-aid dye-test and since I bought this wool for super cheap, I won’t feel that terrible if it’s completely effed up.

bare yarn

I’m fidgety in anticipation until these beauties come in the mail and I can start knitting.

In the mean time- it’s time for an orange and blue neckwarmer. Still undecided whether I should do multiple stripes or just two large stripes.


I hate pink… but I like my boobs

So I went to Joann Fabrics last weekend in the vain hopes of finding the final six colors to my Hogwarts collection. Of course, I found nothing but on my way out, I found a giant mound of pink yarn and I saw the breast cancer awareness ribbon. I picked it up and it felt like perfection. Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month, I thought it fit.


First off: I hate the color pink in every shape and form. I don’t look good in it and I think it always looks like Pepto Bismol. In this case, I saw the label stating all proceeds from the sale of this yarn goes to Breast Cancer Awareness. Mom loves the color so maybe she’ll nab it from me if I really hate the way it looks.

So I picked it up and brought it home, thinking I could make a simple neckwarmer out of it.

I cast on something like 70 sts to my size 10.5 circular needles. It looks like a big pile of plush pink marshmallow. It feels like the filling of a marshmallow too… coincidence?

Upon finishing, I found that I didn’t like the way it sat when I bound the two sides together so I took the seam out and grabbed some magnet connectors that can also be found in the average purse. I wanted to put a button on but I don’t have pronouncing enough buttons lying around the house. So I thought the magnets would make a good enough statement. I then added some fringe to the ends so it didn’t look so short and cut-off.

Photo 214

I’m still not sure I want to leave it like this or if I’ll change it so it’s back to being a neckwarmer. Eventually I’ll make up my mind.