I never thought this could happen…

I’m actually running low on supplies.

I’ve been knitting like a madwoman lately whenever I can get a chance and I’m actually running low!

Two of the M’s presents are done.
I made an orange headband out of my hand-dyed Orange Koolaid yarn (post and pictures to come!)
I’ve made two hats out of the gorgeous red yarn
I made Quincy out of some left-over white yarn (**Currently for sale… if anyone is interested)
I’m working on Gryffindor and Hufflepuff
Anthony’s scarf is about a foot and a half done and I haven’t had the time or the inspiration to continue working on it… Sorry, Anthony!
Graham is still being worked on. I’ve not had time over the last couple of days to get a single stitch on the needles so I’ll have to really get working on that this weekend if I want to be able to wear it any time soon.

I’m still a little behind of where I thought I could be right now. I wanted to have all my x-mas presents/friend’s creations done by now but I’m still scrambling. Christmas is over a month away so I know most of you are wondering what’s wrong with me that I think I’m behind schedule, but it’s just how I am!

In any case, I have about 4 full skeins of yarn from my Christmas extravaganza, and those are for two people, T and C. I’m still contemplating what I want to do for C because I’ll want to make hers long- requiring the yarn be held single, not double. Luckily Caron doesn’t make yarn with dye-lots so I don’t have a problem with multiple colors seeping into the yarn. I’m thinking a simple K1P1 Rib Stitch will suffice for her… thought it’ll take me longer to do.

Then with T’s scarf, I need to wait until I finish Anthony’s scarf… because Anthony’s is on the needles that I need for T’s.

Then, last night, I came to realization that I have about 5 or 6 skeins of the old brown that I wanted to make a sweater out of and 1 blue. I’m thinking a vertical striped scarf with a blue outline or a brown hat with blue crown, brim and flaps is in order soon.

I guess I’ll have to do an inventory when I’m done with the Christmas collection. Hopefully these yarns can last me until Seattle so I can go crazy with buying lots of yarns!


The Christmas Present Montage

I went to Joann Fabrics on Friday. I know I shouldn’t have but I have so many things to do before Christmas!

I figured the best thing for me to do is go with my strengths. I have an awful time buying things for my friends so I usually end up getting a CD or going to Bath and Body works which I hate doing because it feels like a fall back for me. I decided to create my presents for my friends and I feel like it’ll be the easiest way to make them happy by these items.

For the sake of keeping things secret from my friends who may be reading this, I’m keeping the colors vague and only mentioning what pattern I’ll be using.

M1 loves a certain Broadway show so I’m making a scarf inspired by one of the characters. It’s made of a simple garter stitch on size 8 needles. I’m about half done with this sucker. He’s super tall so I had to account for that. I think it’ll reach my knees when I’m done.

M2 wanted a hat so I’m going to make Quincy out of a beautiful Autumn Red that I think will look amazing with her hair and eyes. I bought Brooklyn Tweeds book of patterns a while ago and have yet to create anything from it so I’m really excited to delve into this project. I’ve also never made a hat, so it’ll be an interesting feat. If I have extra time and yarn, I’ll create some mittens in the same color for her. She has long walks outside between classes so I think simple Stockinette Stitch mittens would also be great for her.

C told me she’d prefer a scarf. I found a BEAUTIFUL teal blue that would make her gorgeous blue eyes pop and her hair be a great contrast. I’ll make the Ribbed For Her Pleasure from Stitch ‘n Bitch (It’s one of my favorite things to make) with double stranded yarn. I think it’ll look beautiful in her wardrobe and she’ll be able to wear it all over the place.

T changed his mind about a hundred times on color, style, length and everything possible that he could want. Finally he settled on black and I got started this past weekend. I loved the Green Vertical Striped scarf I made previously so I decided to attempt it on a thinner weight yarn. So far it’s looking good, though I’m not sure if it’s long enough. I just started casting on, didn’t count my stitches and stopped when the yarn was bunching on the line. I’m sure it’ll be fine!

M3 is going to be a different story. She told me that she’d like a scarf. I don’t have any color ideas for her because she looks fabulous in anything and she wears a lot of colors and looks great in them. I’ll have to make at least one more trip to Joann Fabrics to pick up an idea for her and this scarf. I’m leaning toward the burnt orange I already have but I don’t know that she’d wear it if it’s that colorful. I may end up going with the organic black yarn I saw at Joann and create something beautiful from there…

Sadly… you, my dear readers, will have to wait until after Christmas to see what these babies look like. I’ll be taking pictures of them before I give them away to my friends and I’ll offer up some pictures of what they look like/ my friends have to say about them!

Note: I have way too many friends with names that start in M…