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Falling on Rough Times

So last night Boyfriend had his arm around me on the couch. I went through half a box of tissues and babbled semi-incoherently about how  I’m a failure and can’t make my life work and why can’t things go right for once this year?

It was rough to experience, let alone talk about. Boyfriend consoled me and helped me out with budgeting and such and, yeah it looks pretty bleak now, but maybe it can be better soon. We went to dinner and I finally started laughing, especially when we rented The Avengers, cuddled up on the couch and watched The Hulk beat up Loki.

It’s tough not having a full-time job and it’s finally taking its toll, on my checking account as well as my ability to not want to have a panic attack every time I have to pay a bill.

So I was working at Cream City yesterday and the girls suggested I start selling my patterns. I have the Stupid Easy Mittens and Amy Pond’s Pandorica Opens already on there, but they’re free. I looked up the store and noticed that almost 1000 downloads of the mittens and 850 of the scarf have been made, making it…kind of worth it to charge for them. A small nominal fee would be helpful to me so I could actually have some money to work with, even if it’s a dollar at a time. I feel terrible that I have to change it, but it’s rough out there.

I also wrote two new patterns and I’m working on creating a bit of a store. The Bagheera cowl, which I was wearing yesterday and was the inspiration for this endeavor, and the basic Tam, which I could knit in my sleep and people really love.

I just hope it gets somewhere. Personally, I hate buying patterns, so I don’t expect it to get very far but maybe there are some people out there willing to buy a quality pattern for 3 bucks. Do you know of anyone?


I’m going through withdrawals

I realize how long it’s been since my last post and that’s because I haven’t been knitting.
At all.

This semester is one for the records- so much to do, and not enough me to go around to do it.

So I remembered that I still have to make a scarf for Caitlin’s friend- she’s even paying me… which makes me feel worse about the yarn sitting in the Joann’s bag still waiting to be knit up. I simply didn’t have the time, inspiration or initiative to do it.

So that ends today. And I came up with a great idea to make the scarf even more interesting so it’ll make up for the lack of having it during the colder months.

I’m really into cabling right now and I’ve grown stagnant on the HoneyTweed scarf. so I’m thinking of doing a Clark-style scarf, but adding a single row of Honeycomb Cable into the center of the scarf- or two rows on the outside… I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

In any case, it’ll be interesting and cozy and she’ll be able to wear it for years to come. I feel bad that it’ll be forever before she gets it but at least I’ll have the satisfaction that I finished it and have it ready to be sent off, without feeling like a jerk for taking so long.

I’ll post pictures soon!


Who wants a hat?

I’m going on a spree of getting rid of my scrap yarn. I have giant amounts of yarns that I’ll never think of what to make out of them so I think a hat spree will be a good idea. I’m planning on working on them after I’m done with a friend’s Christmas present, and Anthony’s scarf (Thanksgiving weekend I’ll be done, my friend!)

So… 15 dollars for a crocheted hat sound reasonable? I think I’ll start working now and sell them as I make them.


Throm Designs may be going international!

A friend of mine whom I met on the message board for The Matches, a band out of Oakland CA., wrote on my wall yesterday:

“I want you to make me a hat.”

I thought about it for a few minutes and decided it might be a fun idea. He’ll be the first boy I make something for and it’ll be the first time that my designs could possibly be in another country, let alone another state.

While I’m working on a generic scarf for Anthony, the crocheted Flappy Hat is a design of my own making, which makes it feel even more like mine than anything I’ve ever made. He even said he would only wear it because I made it- which made me blush but… you get the point!

In any case… I’m wondering how lucrative this endeavor could be. My friend said he was considering the transaction- by paypal-ing me the cost of the hat and I’d ship it across the pond to England for him.

I find it very interesting that people are willing to pay extra for something that they could easily get for 10 bucks at Target, but the fact that it comes from someone they know and they know it’s not going to be mass-made, they always want to go for it instead…


Lizzie Skurnick wanted to buy my scarf

On Tuesday, we were introduced to blogger Lizzie Skurnick who told us about her job and having the life of a blogger. Her story is very interesting and I enjoyed hearing about her job and how these things called blogs can blossom into a very gratifying business.

From there we went around the room and talked about our blogs. I was wearing my brand new vertical-garter Green scarf and she commented that she really liked it and later stated that she would buy it if given the chance. Noah sitting next to me then said “Sell her the scarf!” and kept badgering me about it for the rest of the afternoon.

I kept thinking about it throughout the day and finally decided I made the right decision. This was my first venture into vertical-appearance knitting and I notice all the flaws in this idea: the middle seam is very visible, where my two skeins were tied together there’s a tuft of yarn hanging out… etc.

Noah thinks I was trying to justify it to myself. Mostly I just love the scarf too much to let it go.

That brought me to another thought: Everyone keeps telling me I should sell my scarves and make a business out of my craft. I would, if I didn’t particularly love something, but I’d rather sell the pattern and allow people to experience the love of their own hard work and whatnot… It may be a good idea in the future… Comment and let me know what you think.

On a side note:
Anthony on what he thought of Lizzie: I learned that if she fake-laughed, her body didn’t move but if she real-laughed, her body did move…