The Marine: Part 2

Well. I finished it in time! YAY!

Beer and yarn. Good combo

I officially finished it about 10 minutes before he called me wanting to come over at nearly midnight just to sit around and be with me (I know, so sweet, right?) I steamed it while waiting for him to drive over and laid it out on the floor to dry. Blocking it added a few inches and allowed the garterstitch border to flatten out rather than completely curl under.

Oh yeah. Duck face is so sexy

It fits him perfectly and he loves it.

As soon as I get some downtime (which seems unlikely with all the beeyotch work I have to do today) I’m going to cast on another in the dark purple Cascade 220 that I have lying around from Seattle. It’s beautiful and will make a great short scarf for me.

I also have a bunch of the green left over- I only needed about a quarter of the new skein and I went on that awesome shopping spree for new 220 paints. So I’ll probably make another scarf out of it. Or a ton of hats. Not sure yet.

Note: I took this picture because I thought it would be an interesting shot. I fell in love with it. Please keep him in your thoughts as he deploys with the US Marine Corps to Afghanistan in October.


The half-way point

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I can’t stand monotony.

I’ve been working on nothing but The Marine’s scarf since he got home, more than a week ago.

While this may seem slightly fulfilling, I’m starting to get some start-itis, the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again with no change-it-up moment with another project is SO BORING I can’t even describe how much I don’t want to continue.

But. I told him he’d get it by the end of his pre-deployment leave.

It’s going to be pretty heavy so I let it stretch out a bit before measuring it. It’s just barely past the three-foot mark so I’m going to keep plugging away at it and pray that I can get it done in time for him to take it with him on the airplane.

It looks gorgeous and I love how it’s turning out, I just wish it was coming along faster than it is.

The things we do to make people happy.


The lost weekend

Here’s why today’s post has very little to do with knitting:

Yup. The Marine kept me pretty well occupied all weekend. I thought about kntting but then he’d put an arm around me and bring me close for a movie and I instantly think “what was I going to get out of my car? That green mass of fabric? Nah. I’d much rather fall asleep here.”

It’s now Monday (sad). I’m sitting at work and my knitting is berating me. It feel lonely and unloved. I’m trying to cajole it into believing I love it, and I’ll work on it as soon as a lull occurs at work, but it’s giving me the cold shoulder.

Oh well… back to alphabatizing…


Work? What?

This is me taking a short break from my work.

Why do you ask? Why would you have work? You’ve not had work for so long, Amanda!

Because today is the day that everything that could go wrong with my morning, did.

5:30 a.m.: The alarm goes off. I beat it into a submissive snooze.

5:40, 5:50 and 6:00 a.m.: The snooze alarm goes off. I beat those into submission as well. I hear mom getting ready in the bathroom. I figure I’ll wait for her to finish before I jump in the shower.

6:00-6:20: I ‘m looking out the window as the sun still hasn’t come out. I ponder how crappy it is that I have to wake up before the sun is even out. My eyes are heavy. Mom has left for her day.

6:23: I realize what time it is and that I still have to shower before going to work. I plan it out OK; thinking I can leave the house at 7, make it to work at 7:45 and be OK. I bolt into the shower and dawdle under the hot water. I say a silent prayer that today will be OK and I can get through it without a scratch.

6:45-7:02: The EGGOs pop up from the toaster and I pour a glass of OJ. I pack clothes for this weekend at The Marine’s with his family. Finally remove hair from towel and pull back into a lazy bun. Cause I’m lazy. Realize that it’s 7:02 and bolt for the door. It’s cold outside and I don’t have a sweatshirt. I run back into the house, grab one and leave.

7:10: I’m on the highway when I realize I don’t have my wallet because I left it in the living room after buying yarn on the phone from Seattle. I curse violently and veer toward the backroads to my home.

7:15: Back in my car and back on the highway. Upon reaching the exit for Blue Mound Rd. I get stuck in traffic, which proceeds to crawl all the way to 25th st where I exit at 8:15. 

8:20: Find a lucky parking space and race to the office.

8:25: Upon walking through the door, The Director has five questions for me. I haven’t even put my purse down and I’m engaged in a battle of questions. Great.

8:26: Log into computer to find four e-mails requesting meetings to be changed for people I don’t have access to, orders to be made that I don’t have access to, and a mass e-mail that I need to send to individual people on a list three pages long. A stack of papers needing to be tri-folded is on the desk next to me. Mail needs to be delivered to the 5th floor. Why is Amanda’s head banging on the desk???

My knitting is so tantalizingly close that I can see it out of the corner of my eye… simply begging me to work on it, Pleeeeeeeeease Amanda. I so want to be worked on… pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

Let’s hope the next four and a half hours go by faster than I’ve ever known them to.

On another note: I’m getting a knitting-related tattoo tonight. I’ll post pictures tomorrow/whenever I get Internets when it’s a little more healed!


Did I seriously just do that?

So the Marine’s scarf is coming along nicely but I realized today that no matter how I spin it, I’m going to run out before I make it to the six feet line. So I’ve been frantically searching online and calling all the yarn shops in the area to no avail. No one had this yarn.

I went on Ravelry and did a simple search for yarns. I found the Cascade 220 page and found a link for sites that sell it. Score! I thought.

Four sites were listed. I checked 3 of them and didn’t find anything concerning the Superwash Paints. Finally, at Angelika’s Yarn Store, I found what I was looking for. The price is twice the amount that I’d pay in a store but, quite frankly, I didn’t care.

I also called the store in Seattle which I originally purchased the yarn seeing as how it was there to begin with so it must still be there. As luck would have it, they e-mailed me saying they had it in stock but in two different dyelots.


I immediately ordered the two skeins from Angelika without thinking about dyelots– or thinking whatsoever… I don’t even know if my credit card number was typed correctly the postman was coming to pick up in 45 minutes. I for some reason thought 45 minutes meant 45 seconds so I ordered in a frenzy. I felt a high of adrenaline when I finished ordering.  

Of course, I don’t have the original label with me so I can’t tell the Fiber Gallery in Seattle that I need this specific dyelot and yes, please send it priority so I can get it by Tuesday at the latest. Then I’d have a couple more skeins of pretty green variegated yarn sitting around the house if one turns out to be right and the other ends up being so completely wrong. No harm, no foul, right?

So I’m sitting at work, my heart pounding at the insanely fast purchasing power I have and praying that mom gets home soon so she can find the label and tell me what dyelot I need so I can order it from Seattle.

Either way, I guess we’ll find out if my instincts were right when I get the packages in 2-3 business days.


How to avoid sleeping at work

This scarf probably requires more brain power than I can muster right now but I’m going to knit anyway.

So the Men’s Knits Chunky Cable Scarf from Erika Knight is a dream. I called mom the other day before starting this thing and found out that it requires super chunky 100 percent Merino wool with size 17 needles. SIZE 17!! That’s like kntting with a tree trunk. Not only do I hate knitting with my 17s, I wasn’t ever planning on knitting with super chunky 100 percent Merino wool.

So instead I cast on like I said previously.

I then felt like I mixed up some of the stitches after finishing the third cable. I ripped it out

I cast on the appropriate amount of stitches, didn’t count and restarted. I got to the end of the next row, realized I cast on too many stitches, threw out a couple choice swears and ripped it out.

Then I cast on, triple checked that I cast on 26 stitches (seriously, how could I screw up 26 stitches??) and continued. I got to the cable sets and realized that my garterstitch border looked funky- it didn’t seem to match the picture. I ripped it out

I cast on, made sure I had 26 stitches, got to the third cable again and saw that I wasn’t making the garterstitch border on one side- I then considered altering the pattern to make it a stockinette stitch border but mom told me not to. Either way I hated the way it looked. I ripped it out

I cast on, made sure I had 26 stitches, got to the third cable and did the same thing with the border. I left it thinking it would be my only issue and I was getting really sick of only getting half way through the pattern repeat without actually getting anywhere.

By now it’s become part of the pattern. For some reason, every second cable I screw up and do stockinette on the border of one alternating side. So I’m doing it on purpose now. Oh well. It kind of looks OK…

So that’s the story of the scarf. It’s still where it was the other day as I’ve been spending virtually every waking moment with the Marine. So while I’m at work I’ll be muttering to myself about the stitches I’m working on and what row I’m actually on.



I realized the other day that September 4 is the one year anniversary of my blog.

In one year I have blogged 87 times. That really seems like a low number. (Note to self: Blog more this year)

I would have blogged yesterday but I spent the entire day with the Marine. His homecoming was a complete success and he likes the scarf I’m making him. I can’t wait to finish it and give it to him to wear when he’s in Afghanistan (I just found out their winters are also very cold so it’ll come in handy, I think.

So reflecting back on this year, I’ve done a lot of knitting. I made TONS of scarves, most of them are sitting in my closet waiting to be worn again this season. I’ve also made a ton of hats, most of which will be going overseas to the military men fighting in the Marine’s unit (well some of them… after all, I can’t make 5,000 hats by Thanksgiving). I’ve acquired a lot of fibers that I’ve been tirelessly attempting to use up in some ingenious ways. I’ve even begun felting (as soon as I put it in the washer that is…). All in all, I feel like this year has been a complete success in terms of creating and knitting. I feel very blessed that I can do something as great as this craft as it can have some amazing affects on people.

So. On to the Marine’s scarf: I know I blogged about it the other day saying it was blue… but I changed my mind when I realized I had some Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in the Seattle pile. It’s the perfect green and I thought he would love it. I also found a really pretty scarf in Men’s Knits (By Erika Knight) for a chunky cabled scarf. The pattern is 9 feet long and uses size 17 needles with a super chunky yarn. I’m using Cascade 220 held double, size 15 needles and only making it 70 inches tall (6 feet) so I’m hoping two skeins (one when held double) will be ok. So far I’m about a foot into it and a considerable amount of yarn is gone… I may have to try to find a new set of skeins… this could spell disaster. We’ll see how it goes though. I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch.

So here’s a picture of the scarf as it sits now. The flash kind of blew out the color so it’s darker than photographed here.

Anyone know where I can find Cascade 220 Superwash Paints online? I’m desperate. I’m checking Knitch on Wednesday probably.

Happy Labor Day to all. Enjoy your Monday off!