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Snow. Or Lack Thereof

I really do like snow. You all should know this by now, considering I go practically apoplectic whenever it finally snows in Wisconsin. Then I find that I can finally bundle up properly and make hot tea and cocoa and cookies to warm the place and it all feels right in the world.

We’ve had one blizzard and only a little bit of snow this winter. It doesn’t feel like¬† I’m living in Wisconsin right now. People in this state don’t seem capable of handling themselves on the road when it snows either. It’s like we’re not used to the snow… that white stuff falls every day. Yeah it’s a little bare this year, but that doesn’t mean you should have completely forgotten how to drive in it!

The blizzard occurred the day before Mom, Boyfriend and I left for Seattle before Christmas. It was pretty epic, if I do say so. I made it home and worked from there for a half day and narrowly made it home before the snow hit. Boyfriend’s plan A was to work from home the whole day and it was good because he woke up to snow.

The other day it rained and was up in the 40s for the rest of the week so the snow was gone; it left behind brown grass and a general feeling of ew. Then the freezing rain came down and the state was covered in a dusting of heavy-as-crap snow again. Most of the city froze over so it was like a big ice rink wherever you went and we slid our way to home and work. Luckily I haven’t wound up on my butt lately.

My subdivision STILL hasn’t been cleaned properly. I saw cars covered in ice and the roads are still slippery in places. My parking lot has one clean strip down the middle because people don’t park properly (honestly, how hard is it to park on one side of the lot at night and the other side during the day?!) so the place looks like ass and I slip every time I park there for a short time to run into the apartment for something. I’m going to be leaving a note for management tonight.

With all the snow, I’ve been knitting up a storm. I knit up the seed stitch cowl in a matter of a few days before going to a funeral for Boyfriends’ grandmother earlier in December, I finished Chevry just in the nick of time before the end of the year, and I just finished the first sock of a pair, which are destined to be frogged because they don’t fit me…

They fit Boyfriend. I told him to put it on, he did, he almost didn’t want to take it off.

Now this isn’t some sort of ploy to knit Boyfriend a pair of socks and/or give him knitting before the one-year mark because believe me– not happening. His time will come, in a month. I fully intended on these things being for me. Unfortunately my gauge decided to lie to me and the heel was too big, they’re too big around and, while I love the color, I’m not about to make my first knitted item for Boyfriend be a pair of socks that were supposed to be for me. So they’re going to be ripped out and re-knit with 10 stitches removed and the heel to be started much earlier. I like my socks to fit snugly. These would bug the crap out of me. So they get attached to the winder.

I’m knitting up a pair of simple legwarmers to wear this Saturday and I’m about half way through the first one (yes, I’m well aware it’s Tuesday).

I’m also working on the Rowan Drift mittens and hat that were supposed to be for the Packers game but I ripped them out because they were a. too tightly knit to be cute and b. two different sizes. These are purely for me because I need new mittens and I need a beanie hat to wear on really cold days, like we’ve been having this past week. It’s the kind of cold that freezes your lungs and makes your eyes hurt and your fingers and nose tingle in the cold. It cuts straight to the bone when the wind picks up. The sun shines so brightly during this time,¬† and because it’s so white, you get a headache just driving home because it’s so blindingly white outside.

So I knit. I knit to relieve stress, take time for myself and to just BE. It’s sort of like a bubble bath… only not.

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Must Knit All the Things!

It’s been a stressful week at Chez Amanda so I’ve been knitting a lot. I’ve also been drinking a lot of (STRONG) coffee so I’m running at a mile a minute.

I knit to the middle of the foot on the stocking before I got bored with it. It’s on the floor in my apartment waiting to inspire me to finish it.

I finished the seed stitch cowl and bound off with a super-stretchy bind off late last night, which is the reason there are no images to be found of it yet. I’ll weave in the ends and take another photo when it’s fully done tonight.

I wound the skein of Merino Tencel I made a WHILE ago and stuck a knitpicks interchangeable size 7 needle in there to make another cowl/neck thing.

Realized I didn’t want to knit any cowls on Ravelry so I’m creating a neckerchief-thing that starts with casting on 300 stitches and decreasing from there.

No, I’m not crazy. Just highly motivated.

And I need this to be done by Monday, so I’m hoping to knit very quickly. This yarn is so soft and shiny and I lurve it more than any of my other handspun. It’s also very evenly spun, too. And it’s 3-ply. And did I mention I lurve it? I’ll post pictures of that, tomorrow once I start knitting on it.

I have every intention of casting on some flip-top mittens in a gorgeous teal color with size 2 needles.

I should probably also be working on the hat for a Christmas present. I planned on being up to the chart by the time I left for Seattle, but it looks like I’ll be knitting the whole thing on the plane. This isn’t a problem for me, but I’d much rather be knitting Chevry. The plane ride home will be dedicated to that as I’m determined to finish it by the end of the year.

For anyone who reads KnitEatLift, the ankle is doing better. I’m off to visit the good Chiropractor tonight to get a quick adjustment and then it’s home for knitting and cooking burgers. Blah, I know, but they’re good with a honey mustard dressing and some broccoli slaw on the side. I’m salivating at the very thought.